1000 count Coffee Filters . Our filters tower above the rest. Features: TALLER FLUTED WALLS - Designed to protect against the overflow of grounds into your coffee during the brew cycle HIGH QUALITY PAPER - Heavy weight paper slows water flow, allowing for better immersion of the grounds in hot water FLAT BOTTOM - Allows for

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Single® AXIOM® GPR 35, with 1.5 Gallon Server AXIOM® Automatic Coffee 120/208-240V Brewer with Portable Server 38700.0045 Spec sheet Parts manual Details

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BUNN - Home Products & Accessories We have been giving considerable attention to Covid-19 (or coronavirus) prevention and preparedness. We would like to share with you the steps BUNN is taking to continue providing you the beverage equipment and equipment service your business required.

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Accessories. Grinders. Serving & Holding. Paper Filters. BUNNserve. Professionally managed uptime of multi-vendor and multi-beverage platforms. Support. Customer service numbers and warranty look up for commercial equipment.

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Our coffee maker was missing this part, and it made coffee very weak, even with lots of coffee being used, a coffee filter on top of the grounds, etc., as water sprayed down in a central stream and moved the coffee grounds away from the "drain" hole.

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