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How to Make Perfect Tea With a French Press : 6 Steps

The French Press is most commonly used for brewing fresh coffee, however it can also be used to brew tea. If you already have a French press and love tea, try using your French Press Coffee Maker to steep the tea leaves for a full and flavorful taste. Follow these simple steps for brewing tea with a French press:

1. This is the first and perhaps most important step as youll want to remove any left over sediment from coffee. Bitter alkaloids found in coffee2. While the water is boiling, add your desired amount of dry tea leaves to the French press carafe. For example, in a four

How to Brew Tea

Simply add tea leaves or tea bag(s) to the French press, pour in the hot water and cover with the lid (with filter and screen attached), allow it to steep for the appropriate amount of time, then press the tea to the bottom, just like you would coffee grounds. When using a French press, only brew the amount you plan on sipping right away.

Recipe to Brew Yerba Mate in a French Press

Feb 23, 2010· This recipe for yerba mate tea is made in a French press. Just like coffee and tea, yerba mate's flavor profile changes depending on how you brew it. Some prefer cold My Wedgwood English style teapot shown above has holes inside at the base of the spout to catch the tea leaves as you pour. French Press Coffee Maker - 4 Level Filtration

COFFEE PRESS - Our 4 level filtration system utilizes double stainless steel screen filters on a durable plunger supported by a spring loaded base plate to seal the edges, followed by a final top lid strainer to give you a pure brew with no grounds. Perfect french press coffee every time.

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