how much does a keurig coffee maker cost

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See allSee more images of how much does a keurig coffee maker costHow much does a Keurig coffee maker cost? On average, the Keurig branded coffee makers will cost anywhere from $79 to as much as $250. This will depend on the features the maker has and the model. One with a grinder can cost anywhere from $80 to $150. This brewing system will use the K/@jamesgamblebay/howJun 16, 2020 · Keurig Keurig K

Cost of Keurig Coffee Maker

Cost for a Keurig Brewer The cost of the Keurig depends on which model best fits your needs. On the low end of the price range, the smallest and slowest model, the K15, will cost $99.99. The K55 has larger capacity and better speed and will cost you $119.99, while the K250 is $129.99, and the K475 is $149.99.

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how much does a keurig coffee maker cost

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