Slayer Steam 3 Group Espresso Machine | New from Slayer!

Slayer Steam is the first modern innovation in espresso machine technology to focus on developing milk flavor. With this new method, we offer revolutionary control over an essential part of the baristas workflow and the business success: steaming milk.

Slayer Launching Innovative New Machine, the Slayer Steam

When the original Slayer Espresso machine debuted at the 2009 SCAA Event in Atlanta, Ga., it set a new standard for professional espresso craft by introducing the technology of adjustable flow rate, made possible by a proprietary needle valve of the companys own design.. In recent years the Seattle, Wash.-based manufacturer has quietly been siting its crosshairs on milk craft, and the

new slayer espresso machine

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Slayer Espresso Machines - YouTube

Handcrafted espresso machines that Make Coffee Better around the world. espresso extraction, milk science, and craft manufacturing with the new Slayer YouTube channel. Subscribe: https

Slayer Espresso | Professional Machines for Ultimate

Slayer Espresso is the gateway to flavor profiling. Patented flow control, enabled by a precision needle valve, gives you the ability to manipulate and transform the flavor of espresso. In the hands of professional baristas, the brew actuator becomes a vital tool for finding the best in any coffee.

2020 Slayer Commercial Espresso Machines | On Sale Now

2020 Slayer Commercial Espresso Machines | On Sale Now We are a proud retailer of beautiful Slayer espresso machines that are frequently purchased by specialty coffee shops that want to have the best possible espresso for their customers.

Slayer Steam 2 Group Espresso Machine | New from Slayer!

Steam is the Slayer for everyone. Supporting the rise of specialty coffee, we present an espresso machine that makes great beverages more accessible and affordable than ever before. Nothing should come between a quality business and satisfied customers; with Slayer Steam, nothing will. Efficient, flexible bar flow is at the core of our design.

The Slayer Espresso coffee machine review - CoffeExtraction

Dec 28, 2019· The Slayer Espresso comes in one, two or three groups. The capacity of the steam boiler is 3,3 7,4 and 12 respectively while the capacity of the coffee boiler is 1,1 and 1,2 for the two and three groups. The pre-heat tank is 60 millilitres, 3.3 litres and 5.4 litres respectively. Thats all about the Slayer Espresso.

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